Worksite Risk Assessment: 6 Steps to Follow

Managing safety and health inside the workplace is an inevitable aspect of maintaining a workplace. As an employer, it is your legal responsibility to evaluate all tasks that are being carried out within your facility, and how these activities expose your workers to various kinds of health and safety risks.

Aside from the fact that it is required by law, conducting regular workplace risk assessment can also provide the business with a multitude of benefits as well. First, it helps ensure that all the workers are equipped with the right protective equipment for their jobs, thus reducing illnesses and injuries significantly. When all workers are confirmed to adequately trained for their roles and are provided with the right equipment, the likelihood for the business to pay for work-related injuries will be reduced, and so its revenue and cash flow will not be affected by such unexpected expenses.

More importantly, regular workplace assessment is also critical to avoiding non-compliance to safety rules and standards set by industry regulators. The cost of compliance, i.e., investing in the right protective equipment and providing all workers with safety training can surely outweigh the cost of non-compliance – poor brand reputation, loss of income, and loss of customers.

To learn more about worksite risk assessment and how you can execute one, check out the infographic below from Progressive Safety Equipment

Worksite Risk Assessment

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