The Ultimate Winter Toolkit for Older People

Cold weather can only mean one thing, winter is here. With that comes myriad issues that can be tricky to know how to resolve. What should we be wearing when we venture out of the house? What tips and tricks can help us keep our houses warm? What meals are best to warm us through? Luckily, Age UK Mobility has recently worked to help people defeat these issues and learn to love winter.

The Ultimate Winter Toolkit for Older People by Age UK Mobility is a thorough article that talks to experts from all walks of life about their tips for winning at Christmas. This infographic is a list of the top tips for a range of topics from keeping your home warm in the colder months to technology everyone should own in the winter. Although the intention of the infographic was to help older people who struggle from low-mobility the tips are useful for anyone.

Winter Toolkit for Older People

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