What can we expect from the future generation of over 60s?

It’s not easy to predict what is going to happen tomorrow, let alone almost 30 years in the future. When we imagine over 60s, there is a stereotypical image we see, but will that image be the same in 2050? Or, will the current millennial generation completely change what it means to be ‘senior’?

This infographic from Age UK Mobility breaks down a range of topics to explore how current culture may affect the future generation of over 60s. The accompanying article examines everything from what they eat to the entertainment they choose to watch and their values. This infographic sums up the main points or influencers from a range of categories: technology, fashion, entertainment, health and values and attitudes.

Looking into topics like how smart mirrors might affect clothes shopping to how homeownership might affect the outlook of individuals, this infographic paints a picture of what we can expect from millennials in 30 years’ time.

What can we expect from the future generation of over 60s

Infographic Source: https://www.ageukmobility.co.uk/mobility-news/article/what-to-expect-from-future-over-60s

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