US to UK men’s clothing translation

We tend to think that US English isn’t all that different to the lingo its British cousins speak across the pond, and that our only cultural differences are better food, some more interesting weather and a different accent. We’re pretty wrong about that! While they might not all be wearing tweed and taking cream tea every afternoon a la Downton Abbey, nor do they all talk like the Queen, there’s still some pretty confusing differences in the way we speak.

For instance, (most) British gentlemen wouldn’t be seen dead in a pair of suspenders! They also wouldn’t be wearing braces on their teeth, but on the other hand garters aren’t very sexy and are more likely seen holding up an old man’s socks! So if you’ve been scratching your head over why you shouldn’t speak about your pants in the office in England, look no further. Check out our helpful visual guide to clear up the most commonly confusing clothing translations.

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