Truck Accident Statistics

Trucks are known for being very massive that it’s very frightening to be close to them. No one can blame you for that. Not to frighten you more but trucks are harder to maneuver to the road because of their size and when an accident happens, it results in more damage and casualties.

Unlike ordinary passenger vehicles, simple mistakes caused by truck drivers will result in disastrous outcomes, most of them, fatal. To prevent this from happening to you, make sure that you do not change lanes in front of a truck and drive between large trucks. Be a few meters back so accidents could be prevented.

For truck drivers, you should have proper training in driving trucks before holding the steering wheel. Perfecting every signal, turn, brake, and acceleration is also a key.

There are lots of accidents that involve trucks annually. To know more about the numbers regarding truck accidents, here is an infographic from The Brown Firm.
Truck Accident Statistics

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