Finding Peace in a Chaotic World

Everybody seems to be very busy in today’s world. Across our technologically-driven society, large numbers of people are often overburdened with the responsibility to make ends meet. There is also the need to keep ourselves fit and healthy, as well as to socialize with other people. This results for many people to get stuck on […]

facts about the popular cities of world

Amazing facts about the popular cities of world

Do you know the interesting facts about the popular cities of the world? No, then here you will get to know some of the amazing facts about them. New York One of the amazing facts is that in this concrete jungle peregrine falcons are found in the highest concentration. They make their nest on skyscrapers […]


7 Artsy Hotels Around the World

Arts and tourism are two of the most inseparable buzzwords we often hear these days. While the use of art in the tourism sector is not entirely a new concept, it’s only these past couple of years when the sector put much greater emphasis on art as a way to entice guests. For hotel developers, […]

10 Busiest Sea Ports of the World

10 Busiest Sea Ports of the World! China Leads the game

China is at the forefront of seaport business race and has half of the top 10 ports. Singapore port and South Korean ports are also in the top 10. Europe has only one port on the list of top ten and it is from Netherlands. There is not even a single port from rest of […]