A guide to New Yorks skyline

A guide to New York’s skyline

The brand-new infographic from independent cruise specialist ROL Cruise titled ‘a guide to New York’s skyline’ looks at some of the most iconic buildings in the New York City skyline. Looking at buildings all the way from the Statue of Liberty to Brooklyn Bridge, it tells us more about the most famous silhouettes in one […]


How To Clean Your Favorite Room – Home Theater Cleaning Guide

In this hectic modern family life, the theater room with comfortable sofa and lots of gadgets and gizmos is one of the places in the house where the family, as well as friends, come together and enjoy watching movies, or playing games, or listening to music, or just relaxing. But there is nothing worse than […]

24 Types of Shoes

Your Ultimate Shoe Guide: 24 Types of Shoes

Next to diamonds, shoes are every woman’s best friend and for most of them, there’s always a good reason to splurge on a new pair of shoes: there should be one for your first day at work and another for the wedding you’ll be attending next month. However, while a special occasion is a perfect […]

Car Preparation Guide for a Long Travel

Car Preparation Guide for a Long Travel

Having long drives with your family is the best experience especially if you are seeking for new adventures. But as you are traveling, safety measures should always be in mind. Preparing your vehicle for a long road trip should not be done a day two before your scheduled flight. It should be done a week […]