Car Collisions: Numbers & Statistics for the United States & South Carolina

Car accidents are becoming more and more frequent in the United States. On average, there are 6 million car wrecks in America in a single year. This number doesn’t look like it is going down. Of those who are involved in car accidents, 2.35 million become injured or disabled. In efforts to help drivers stay […]

Car Preparation Guide for a Long Travel

Car Preparation Guide for a Long Travel

Having long drives with your family is the best experience especially if you are seeking for new adventures. But as you are traveling, safety measures should always be in mind. Preparing your vehicle for a long road trip should not be done a day two before your scheduled flight. It should be done a week […]


Car Driving Tips in Winter

Driving on winter season relates to how you as a driver and your vehicle will be safe. Taking in consideration that the winter season can cause damage to the whole vehicle since the roads are prone to accidents, and the temperature is affecting the interior of your ride. To ensure your safety this winter season, […]