Seniors in the United States Above the Age of 65

The senior population will grow exponentially in the future. However, the main concern for many families can be the mental and physical health of their senior loved one. Following are a few basic factors which are the reason for senior population growth.

The median age has risen to 34 because of low fertility and mortality rates since the 1990s. The senior population will be double till 2050 according to the Census. By 2050, every 1 out of 5 people in the US will be an elderly due to the rapid growth of senior population. There is a 274% rise in the population of the oldest old senior, those who are over 85.

Every 1 in 10 seniors was of a different race than White in 1994 and this ratio will be 2 to 10 by 2050. There were more senior women in 1994 than older men, but these differences will narrow down in the next 50 years. Out of 2 million people who died in the year 1991, 1.5 million were older adults. The leading causes of death among seniors were a stroke, heart diseases, and cancer. Deaths due to heart diseases are declining, but it remains the number one cause of fatality among seniors.


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