Save Earth Save Life

Our environment is getting worse day by day because of some negligence of human beings. It’s a big issue for everyone especially our children.

By following these simple habits, everyone can contribute to save the environment. Nature is our mother so, we’ll have to take care of it else we won’t have anything one day to survive here. We can also share these simple tips with friends, relatives and others.

1.Save Electricity- Turn off the light in your home and at work, if you do not use it, or there is no big need of it. Unplug the mobile charger or other device’s charger when no need of it. This may be very helpful to save electricity.

2.Save Water – There is no life without Water. Close the tap while brushing or shaving, use a glass or mug for this. Don’t spend more time in bathroom. If we change these habits, it can save a lot of water per day.

3.Stop using incandescent lamps to illuminate your home- they consume a lot of electricity. Use LED lamps that is a great choice from environment and economic point of view.

4.Do not throw solid waste (Cigarette butts, bandages, napkins et.) into the toilets. Use a trash for them.

Here, we have shared an infographic that may be very helpful and a great step to save our planet. So, let’s come ahead and share this message with everyone on social media and other platforms.


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