What are the Different Types of Personal Protective Equipment?

Being safe in the work area is one of the essential considerations especially when the workplace has hazardous materials used by workers. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) reduces the risk of injury or harm to users caused by hazards present in the workplace, it is essential that companies invest in time for proper training using PPE for their employees, because handling equipment that your workers don’t know how to apply can cause additional accident on the working area. Protective equipment requires a head to complete toe gear, for instance, in a construction site, most materials that are carried are substantial, and they also use large controlling machines for lifting heavier and larger elements such as cement, binders, and steel.

In this article, we will be discussing the different kinds and benefits of using PPE to protect workers against health or safety risks at work. For example, personal protective equipment used for the respiratory can be distinguished into two functions mainly: Respirators (Filtering Equipment) and Breathing Apparatus (Isolating Equipment). Respiratory protection helps an individual to not suffocate and inhale hazardous substances in the workplace. To further give you insights about PPE, kindly check the infographic below created by Progressive Safety Equipment.


Infographic Source: http://blog.progressivemy.com/what-are-the-different-types-of-personal-protective-equipment-infographic/

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