Car Preparation Guide for a Long Travel

Car Preparation Guide for a Long Travel

Having long drives with your family is the best experience especially if you are seeking for new adventures. But as you are traveling, safety measures should always be in mind. Preparing your vehicle for a long road trip should not be done a day two before your scheduled flight. It should be done a week […]

facts about the popular cities of world

Amazing facts about the popular cities of world

Do you know the interesting facts about the popular cities of the world? No, then here you will get to know some of the amazing facts about them. New York One of the amazing facts is that in this concrete jungle peregrine falcons are found in the highest concentration. They make their nest on skyscrapers […]


Top 10 Tourist Places Near Jaipur

Jaipur is the most beautiful city to visit in India. Every year most of the tourists come here to explore the real culture of Rajasthan. There are lots of places in Jaipur which are well known popular for their architectural beauty and royal history. Jaipur is also called as Pink city because of its pinkish […]


7 Artsy Hotels Around the World

Arts and tourism are two of the most inseparable buzzwords we often hear these days. While the use of art in the tourism sector is not entirely a new concept, it’s only these past couple of years when the sector put much greater emphasis on art as a way to entice guests. For hotel developers, […]