A guide to New Yorks skyline

A guide to New York’s skyline

The brand-new infographic from independent cruise specialist ROL Cruise titled ‘a guide to New York’s skyline’ looks at some of the most iconic buildings in the New York City skyline. Looking at buildings all the way from the Statue of Liberty to Brooklyn Bridge, it tells us more about the most famous silhouettes in one […]


The Inaugural ROL Cruise Survey

The Inaugural ROL Cruise survey was issued by ROL Cruise in 2018 to find out the answer to some burning cruise questions. The survey was issued to 500 cruis3e enthusiasts and asked 9 questions. Those questions were: What is your dream cruise destination? Would you rather cruise with family, friends, your partner or solo? On […]

Tips to Avoid Jet Lag

5 Simple Yet Effective Tips to Avoid Jet Lag

When it comes to travelling, everyone talks about the excitement and bliss that comes with this new adventure, but there are also discussions about some of the hardest parts of this activity, especially when it’s about jet lag. According to MedicineNet, jet lag is a “temporary disorder that causes fatigue, insomnia, and other symptoms as […]

Queen Elizabeths Travels

Queen Elizabeth’s Travels – Mapped

Are you more travelled than Queen Elizabeth II? Probably not… Medical Travel Compared have recently created an interactive map of Queen Elizabeth’s travels, so you can find out! The Queen has visited some of the most powerful nations on Earth, as well as some of the tiniest islands of Oceania. As the longest serving British […]