Modern Marketing

Companies hoping to improve sales and profits must understand the rapid, ongoing shift in consumer behavior and use that knowledge to their advantage. Consumers are no longer forced to enter physical stores before making a buying decision. They can browse product pricing, reviews, and comparisons within a few moments. Most adults use Facebook, where they […]

How to Create a Branding Style Guide

How to Create a Branding Style Guide

Creating your visuals for either marketing or advertising is not just about putting all design elements you have chosen in a beautiful and coherence way. Visual marketing is also about branding. With all the photos, videos, and other types of visual content people see every day on social media, can they instantly tell that the […]

Built Email List 7k Subscribers in a Day

Learn How I Built Email List of 7k Subscribers in a Day!

Please follow the steps to create your email list quickly. In as much as you run a valid LinkedIn profile and you are familiar with your connections. You could build an email list from the database of your connections instead of the regular LinkedIn In mail that has been grossly abused. Here are some vital […]

increase traffic on Website

Want to Increase Traffic on Website

Are you a webmaster and dealing with low traffic so here is a secret sauce in this new free infographics to find out how to increase website traffic in order to get good ranking and organic traffic. Some of the ways and tips tricks mention in this infographics. Infographic Source: