Personal Injury Statistics in the US

If you’ve recently suffered a personal accident or injury, you’re probably looking into your options and next steps. Once your well being is secure, it may be time to consider legal recourse for your pain and suffering. It’s important to know your options and what is going to be the best recourse of action. While […]

Winter Toolkit for Older People

The Ultimate Winter Toolkit for Older People

Cold weather can only mean one thing, winter is here. With that comes myriad issues that can be tricky to know how to resolve. What should we be wearing when we venture out of the house? What tips and tricks can help us keep our houses warm? What meals are best to warm us through? […]


US to UK men’s clothing translation

We tend to think that US English isn’t all that different to the lingo its British cousins speak across the pond, and that our only cultural differences are better food, some more interesting weather and a different accent. We’re pretty wrong about that! While they might not all be wearing tweed and taking cream tea […]


Wet Cleaning Vs Dry Cleaning

With many options available for choosing a professional cleaning service, it has become easy to get confused among them. Choosing between dry cleaning and wet cleaning is a great challenge. If you are also confused between wet cleaning and dry cleaning, know about the differences between the two to decide which process is best for […]