How to Manage People and Become a Good Boss?

Being a manager is a challenging job, especially when there’s a large team to handle. Spend time on daily work goals, review performance of subordinates, manage and meet team goals, chase employees to accomplish them on time, contribute to the company’s profitability, and the list goes on. A manager has to wear many hats. A […]

Top Call Center KPI’s

Top Call Center KPI’s and That You Should Monitor for Success

Knowing the performance of your call centre operations is vital in ensuring that your business is reaching its organizational goals effectively. The most efficient way of doing so is implementing and constantly monitoring the right call center Key Performance Indicators (KPI). These will allow you to accurately measure your targets and the progress in meeting […]


History of Printing

The History of Printing Infographic charts the evolution of printing from handwriting religious texts on papyrus to the Gutenberg Press, to the modern desktop printing solutions of today. Find out how printing technology influenced and shaped human history as we know it today. As the technology of printing matured, so did its impact on world […]

Doing Business In Ireland

The Essentials For Businesses And Prospective Investors: Business In Ireland

When it comes to countries rated as one of the most welcoming places for work for international businesses and foreign direct investment, as well as being one of the best places to invest, do business, work, and live, there’s very little doubt that Ireland makes it to the priority list. Not only is the country […]