Art as A Marketing Strategy for Hotels

The art of persuasion using the word of mouth when it comes to promoting a certain brand is used as a marketing strategy even before. With the use of persuasive words through initial interaction with clients, this marketing strategy can elevate your company’s competence. However, there’s a huge difference between how words are used to persuade and with what the naked eye sees in promoting a certain brand.

Art interpreted in many ways can be a piece of painting in a four-walled establishment or a sculpture on your hotel room. Art has become a fundamental aspect rather than an ornamental element of hotels. The luxury and statement it brings to amplify the ambience of a hotel helps to promote the place and company of the hotel. Moreover, this mode of exposing the rich contribution to arts has two fundamental benefits; Art as the vibe and intellectual soul of hotels and art décor as a marketing strategy. Learn more about the marketing strategies of art through hotels on the infographic below by Accent Art and Frame.


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