The Inaugural ROL Cruise Survey

The Inaugural ROL Cruise survey was issued by ROL Cruise in 2018 to find out the answer to some burning cruise questions. The survey was issued to 500 cruis3e enthusiasts and asked 9 questions. Those questions were:

What is your dream cruise destination?
Would you rather cruise with family, friends, your partner or solo?
On port days do you prefer excursions, exploring on your own, or staying on board?
How far would you be willing to travel for a cruise?
If you were planning on booking a cruise, which one of these would be most important to you?
Which one of these statements best describes the goal of your next holiday?
What type of cruise appeals to you most?
Have you ever found love on a cruise holiday?
Have you ever gained weight during a cruise holiday?

This infographic, created by ROL Cruise, displays all of their findings. This survey will be the first of an annual survey commissioned by ROL Cruise to discover more about what cruise enthusiasts want.

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