How to Select the Right Fire Detection System

Potential hazards inside a work site can be either identified before and after incidents takes place. With the help of different safety alarms, more and more businesses today are investing with the right quality safety equipment that can let them prolong a safe and productive working environment.

Fire threats are one of the fatal and damaging hazards that is harmful to your workers and the company itself. Being able to find suitable fire detection systems with your establishment benefits you to save a lot of costs, and inevitably be effective in promoting safe and quality service for your clients.

In this infographic, we will discuss different tips on how companies can select the right fire detection system in their facilities. Here are a few pointers for you to consider:

  •  Layout and Size of the Worksite – Buildings may have multiple floors and will need at least one fore detector to be placed on every level, and in some cases, each room depending on what is set out on the company’s risk assessment.
  • Monitored Fire Detection System – Updated and well-maintained fire detection systems can be a lot of help to companies, especially with managing safety budgets for the whole term of the year. Monitored alarm systems can be set up to notify designated people if the alarm system is triggered or automatically alert the fire brigade for accurate response.

Find out more information about how to properly select fire detection systems on the infographic below created by Progressive Safety Equipment.

How to Select the Right Fire Detection System

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