Fundamentals of Green Packaging: How to Switch to an Eco-Friendly E-Commerce Business

Has your company ever considered going green? Reducing your carbon footprint may not be your top priority but you should be aware of the benefits this has to offer. Going green not only will help your company financially but has a great effect on your workplace culture too.

A lot of companies have switch to eco-friendly business practices including McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Walmart to name a few. If bigger companies are doing it, then you should consider going green too.

Helping your company become eco-friendly is not as hard as you think. An initiative as simple as utilizing sustainable, biodegradable packages can already cut your expenses in half.

Wondering where to start? Green Courier, one of the leading environmental friendly courier service in London, shares a complete guide on how you can make the switch into an eco-friendly business.

Fundamentals of Green Packaging

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